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With the large number of appearently non-profit, non-govermental organizations increasing the needs and options can seem overwhelming. We all have valid questions and concerns:

  1. Where do you start to reach out and contribute?
  2. What is the best way to contribute and help?
  3. How do you know your efforts will make a difference?
  4. Are the organizations I contribute my time and money to trustworthy?

In addition to the many formal charity organizations, there are specialized events to raise money and support for a multitude of causes. Of particular intrest and enjoyment are the various local motorcycle rider / biker events. information on tge many events in the Boise area can be found here.

Below are causes and organizations that we feel are delivering on their stated missions and trustworthy based on our own experience and research.

Families in Need

Hope House: Providing a safe home and environment for children 6-18.
Learn more >>.

Ronald McDonald House Charities: Serving women and children in need and refuge from abusive situations.
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The Boise Idaho chapter can be found here.


Criters Care

Idaho Humane Society: Adopt your next family pet. We have adopted our two dogs and have been very happy with the each addition to our family. Learn more >>


Climate & Environment

Idaho Conservation League: We love the northwestern United States, particularly our home state of Idaho. If you love all the great opporrtunities the outdoors offer to camp, hike, fish, and just play, play, play then you should support this organization.
Learn more >>


Research Resources

Charity Navigator
Your Guide to Intelligent Giving. Provides a lot of Top 10 Lists including lists of consistantly poor performers.


Here Are The Charities You Should Support, According To Data

Why Your Charitable Donations Probably Aren't Doing Much Good

5 Popular Forms of Charity (That Aren't Helping)



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A Just Cause
A few resources to some very good social causes...

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